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Small Fleece Elastic Whelping Pool Cover Newborn Pup

Small Fleece Elastic Whelping Pool Cover Newborn Pup

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Whelping Pool Cover

lovingly handmade with fleece washable material.

SMALL size - bottom circle measures 28" across, the top rim measures 36" across, and the sides are approximately 8" high.

Secured with elastic all the way around the circumference to hold the cover in place during the nesting process.  

The blanket keeps the pups dry, warm, and safe.  Perfect for the first 4-6 weeks.

I use puppy pads underneath to absorb moisture. The nice thing about fleece is that liquid will flow through to the pads and keep puppies nice and dry. Machine wash and dry. I rotate 4 of them so I can wash the three dirty covers in one load.

In the last picture, you will see my Frenchie mommy with her 6 puppies laying 

All handmade by me. 

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